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Return Path’s Certification program helps ‘Best-in-Class’ email marketers reach their maximum inbox placement rate by simply following and maintaining the program’s propriety standards. Email marketers can focus on other aspects of their program because Certification saves them from deliverability worries. With 2.5 billion global inboxes covered, Return Path’s Certification program is the most extensive and unrivaled network in the world. Apply now.


Our coverage includes two of the world’s largest mailbox providers – Hotmail and Yahoo! – and hundreds of others, including Cox, Comcast, Road Runner, Tencent QQ, Italia Online, Terra, Telstra, and key international domains. Certified members receive numerous benefits such as:

  • Improved email deliverability to Yahoo, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox, Cloudmark, Yandex, Mail.ru, Orange, Spamassassin and SpamCop
  • Unblocked images and active links
  • Bypassing critical mailbox-provider filters
  • Leveraging real-time alerts and professional assistance

“For us, Certification provides us more than just higher inbox placement rates. It gives us a piece of mind knowing on a daily basis how our emails are being delivered.”- Mary Newhoff, Digital Marketing Manager, Tommy Bahama

Our list has the highest standards

At Return Path, we stake our reputation on the strength of our whitelist. Once we receive your application, we will review your email program, evaluate your permission practices, email infrastructure, privacy policies disclosures and more. If applicable, we’ll give you specific recommendations on what needs to be changed or adjusted. This valuable, in-depth review can help you to improve your current mailing program, even before you get certified.
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To be accepted into the Return Path Certification Program, you must:

  • Submit your application.
  • Pass our review of your email practices.
  • Show that you are compliant with all applicable laws, including CAN-SPAM.
  • Demonstrate that you only send email from properly configured and authenticated servers with dedicated IP addresses.
  • Maintain exceptional sender complaint and spam trap hit rates.
  • Not appear on any reputable blacklists.

Once certified, we will continue to monitor your performance and adherence to standards. We’re on your side! Our experts are always ready to help, to ensure that you’re always in good standing.


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